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We approach each of our clients on a highly individualized and personal basis, and adjust our program of recovery according to individual needs, preferences, and requirements.

Alcohol Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is an addiction recovery center located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, catering to dual diagnosis disorders in individuals looking to overcome substance dependency and begin living the meaningful, drug-free lives they aspire to and deserve. In many instances, individuals who suffer from the disease of addiction are found to be simultaneously afflicted with a co-occurring psychological disorder. Approximately 30% of all American adults suffer from addiction in conjunction with depression or anxiety. We at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center know that if substance dependency and all co-occurring disorders are not treated concurrently, the likelihood of maintaining prolonged and meaningful sobriety is greatly reduced. For this reason, amongst others, we put an extremely heavy emphasis on psychological and emotional health, in addition to the recovery of the physical body and the spirit.

What sets us apart from the rest is the dedication and unparalleled passion of each and every one of our staff members. We hand select men and women who have not only lived through the trials and tribulations of addiction firsthand, but who have utilized the tools learned in early recovery to the best of their ability, allowing them to share their experience, strength, and hope with those who are just beginning their own personal journeys. We understand that the staff members are a crucial element of treatment, seeing that they will truly be each client’s first exposure to the gifts of maintained sobriety. We handpick each staff member with this in mind, from behavioral technicians to on-site therapists.

Addiction Treatment Fort Lauderdale
Drug Rehabilitation Fort Lauderdale

Our compassionate team is not the only element that sets us apart from the vast majority of other treatment facilities throughout Southern Florida. While many other treatment programs focus heavily on therapeutic techniques offered in a large group setting, we put a heavy emphasis on individualized therapy sessions. Each of our clients will be paired up with a licensed and extensively experienced addiction therapist upon arrival, who will work carefully alongside them during the entire duration of their stay. Clients will have the opportunity to continue seeing their therapists as a part of our Intensive Outpatient Program – a carefully designed aftercare program that helps newly sober individuals transition from a treatment setting back into everyday, independent living. Our IOP program focuses on relapse prevention, healthy coping mechanisms, and what to do in order to protect sobriety during potentially compromising real-life situations that may (and likely will) arise.