Addiction Therapy in Fort Lauderdale

At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we are adamant about getting you the assistance you need to treat your addiction. Here, we understand that addiction is a disease, and that as a consequence it must be treated with the immediacy and determination it requires. We salute you for attacking this head on, and for deciding to give yourself the chance to live a new life, a better life. Trust us, when we say that you won’t regret it. After all, this decision is about way more than treating your addiction, it’s about releasing the pressure, the stress and all those other things that were contributing to your addiction. We believe, this is a healing journey for any one that makes the conscious choice to participate in addiction therapy in Fort Lauderdale. 
While this is a major decision, it is one you’ll never want to take back. In fact, every day you will be thankful you’ve made it. This will not only represent a change of pace and life for you, but it will also affect your relationships. Your family, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, will all be positively impacted by your decision. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our addiction therapy in Fort Lauderdale, works in the following way: we begin with therapy, followed by outpatient therapy and ongoing counseling. Our approach involves a combination of individual and group counseling. During this process, you will be encouraged to participate in several activities that contribute to the recovering individual. Our main goal is long-term recovery. We want lasting results, not a fleeting outcome.   
In order to guarantee that the individual will be able to sustain the results over the rest of their lives, we consider it imperative for the recovering individual to continue seeking treatment and counseling after they leave us. It is only through this method that the person and the family will be able to see long-lasting results. Everything is about consistency. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our staff is dedicated to providing you the new tools you will need in order to move forward in your life. Of course, we encourage that you unlearn old bad habits, while re-learning those that were proven effective to you from the beginning. Addiction therapy in Fort Lauderdale, is about reshaping the way you think, what do we mean by that? Of course, we’re not about changing the person you are at your core, instead we’re about enhancing your best traits. 
At Florida Addiction & Treatment Center, we use a range of treatment methods, including our effective 12-step program. Some of the techniques we use to aid individuals recovering from addiction, are: 

Relapse prevention 
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
Motivational interviewing (MI) 
Trauma related counseling 
Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) 

Contact Florida Addiction & Recovery Center at (877) 800-REHAB or (954) 677-8787, for more information on addiction therapy in Fort Lauderdale. Give yourself the chance to begin to live the life you’ve always desired, embark on the adventures you’ve always wanted, and achieve the dreams you’ve set for yourself since you were a child. Don’t let addiction hold you back from attaining the life you deserve. Our wonderful, expert staff can aid in your recovery process today!