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Addiction Treatment Center Reviews for Delray Beach

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Help

Alcoholism is a serious disease and no addict should have to try to get sober on their own. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is here to help. We offer alcohol rehab for people from Delray Beach to help manage any withdrawal symptoms and to truly overcome your alcoholism addiction. With the help, care, and support from our counselors and professionals you’ll quickly see how recovery is possible. Your addiction doesn’t have to continue controlling your life, and our alcohol rehab is a program that will help you get sober.  

What programs offered in alcohol rehab can help me?

With the right support in place, overcome alcohol addiction is possible. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center we use a variety of treatment methods to help our patients. Alcoholism can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms for those who try to quit, which is why rehab is needed for most to truly overcome their addiction. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center we’ll make sure to manage any withdrawal symptoms you may face and provide you with the treatment and medicine you need to control these withdrawal symptoms. The programs offered in connection with our alcohol rehab include: 

  • 12 step program 
  • Addiction therapy 
  • Nutrition guidance  
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment  
  • Family program  
  • Alumni program 

Achieving sobriety isn’t easy for everyone, but with the right treatment and recovery process you can get sober. With individual and group therapies you will learn positive ways to cope with your addiction and how to live a sober life after treatment. Our alumni program will help you stay connected with the people you’ve met in treatment and will create a strong support group for you once you finish treatment. You will have to work on maintaining your sobriety each and every day which is why the right care and support after treatment is so important.  

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