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Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Many who struggle with addiction are also suffering from mental health issues as well. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses can coexist with a drug or alcohol problem. For those who are suffering know that help is available. Dual diagnosis treatment in Fort Lauderdale can help you overcome these struggles. Florida Addiction and Recovery Center offers dual diagnosis treatment and our counselors are ready to help you. Whether you’re struggling with alcoholism, drug addiction, or mental health illness getting treatment is the best way to beat these issues. Our team at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is ready to help.  

What disorders can dual diagnosis help treat?

Each addiction and each individual is unique, and there is no one treatment that will help everyone. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center we understand this and we create a personalized approach to our treatment and therapy. We don’t believe that sending each patient to the same therapy is going to be successful for everyone. Our focus is finding each patient the right treatment and therapy programs so they can see success and overcome their personal struggles. Dual diagnosis treatment is one program we utilize to help with the following disorders: 

  • Dug abuse and addiction 
  • Alcoholism  
  • Depression  
  • Anxiety 
  • Bi-polar disorder  
  • PTSD  
  • Eating disorders 
  • Trauma  

The best way to overcome any of these disorders is to ask for and seek help and treatment. When someone is struggling with personal problems and issues, it can be hard to open up and admit you need help. Once you do so, your path to recovery begins. Florida Addiction and Recovery understands that we all have our personal issues, and we want to help you. Whether you’re dealing with depression and alcoholism, anxiety and drug abuse, or any other issues, our dual diagnosis program can help. Our counselors will make sure you get the best treatment to help you overcome your issues and that you see a full recovery.  

Is now the right time for me to get dual diagnosis treatment?

If you’re struggling with addiction and mental health illness, now is the time to get help. Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is ready to provide you with the treatment and care you need. Don’t hesitate to call our recovery helpline and see how we can help you. Seeking treatment is a big first hurdle on your path to recovery. Make the call today to Florida Addiction and Recovery Center. We’re here to help.  

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Saved my life

When I first got there, I thought it wasn't going to work, it was not a large facility and I was the oldest one there. I remember looking for somewhere else to go. I sat down with Linda, one of the owners and she asked me to give it a chance. I decided I would give it a week. The owners along with the other clients became my family, they weren't just after money. I stayed through Thanksgiving and Christmas and they became my family. This is a family business and they work together along with clients to figure out the best course for care. For me, it was long term, I needed to stay for a few months to get my life together and get a plan for coming home. I stayed, got a job and worked for a little while before coming home. I can say that today, I'm 17 months clean. A miracle I didn't think possible when I got on the plane to Florida. I have my kids and granddaughter a regular part of my life thanks to this program. I have a full time job that I love with benefits. I'm actually a reliable employee. If you're struggling, reach out to SOMEONE. I've watched too many die. Life doesn't have to be over because you have an addiction, it can actually begin the moment you get help. These people care, they are family, they are now a part of my family! I didn't have a family anymore when I got on that plane, they were my family and helped me to mend mine as well. Thank you to all of you for showing me a better way to live and loving me when I wasn't capable of loving myself.

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