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Stimulants can be snorted, injected or consumed orally. In the form of either illicit substances or prescription medication, they boost alertness and the cognitive function of the central nervous system.

Cocaine, crack cocaine and crystal meth are among the most notorious illicit stimulants, producing effects similar to those of prescription stimulants. Prescription stimulants were designed as time-release drugs to treat ADHD and narcolepsy, while illicit stimulants induce a short-term, more extreme high.

Amphetamines and methylphenidates are two of the most common prescription stimulants. When abused, they pose critical risks to users’ health.

Nevada boasts a high treatment admission rate for stimulant addiction, especially meth addiction. Stimulants generate a major dopamine spike in the brain, which leads to effects like euphoria, increased energy, appetite loss and alertness. However, stimulant abuse also leads to serious addiction, and it can cause severe damage to the brain and body.

Addiction Therapy Fort Lauderdale

Stimulant withdrawal symptoms are often excruciating. Consequently, we highly recommend that you refrain from attempting to overcome your addiction alone. Anxiety, agitation and depression are just a few of the side effects you’ll experience as you wean yourself off your stimulant habit. If you or someone close to you is suffering from stimulant addiction, Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is here to help you begin your journey to recovery.

Our facility is considered one of the best of its kind, and we are proud to maintain a 3-to-1 client-counselor ratio while you complete the treatment process. Members of our staff will offer constant care, 24/7, to help you get through those tough times.

Our staff will monitor all clients, helping them address the underlying issues that led to their addiction. Our Certified Substance Abuse Counselor caseloads give us the means to tailor the treatment experience to each client.