Addiction | Drug Rehab Admissions Florida
AT Addiction Florida Recovery Center, staff members go out of their way to help residents overcome their addiction CLICK or CALL (844) 923-3428 for help!
Drug Rehab Admissions Florida
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Drug and Alcohol Admissions

Just complete the admissions process, and we’ll walk you through the steps of enrolling in one of our addiction treatment programs. Make a quick phone call to 1.844.9.ADDICT, or contact us on our website if you’d like. At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our admissions team is ready to help you in any way we can, providing invaluable information about insurance options and everything else you need to know about our luxury rehabilitation facility.



When you arrive at the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our rehab addiction specialists will help you check in your belongings. (Residents are usually given a list of personal items they’ll need for their stay.) Upon admission, you will take a drug test to determine what substances you are using, and we will continue to administer tests throughout your stay to make sure you are sober. Staff members will ensure that the facility remains free of drugs, alcohol and other illicit substances.


Once you’ve checked in, you’ll meet with a consulting physician at a local hospital, and then with a series of counselors to provide a detailed history of your substance abuse. It is important that residents remain open and honest during the admissions process, and throughout their stay at the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center. The assessment process will ensure that you get the care you need to recover from your addiction.


Once we’ve addressed your history, our team of trained professionals will help develop an addiction treatment plan to accommodate your specific needs. Our Certified Counselors will guide you through the process, and with your input, we will help you commit to making a full recovery. At the beginning of treatment, we will meet with residents and their families to make sure that everyone knows what to expect from the addiction treatment program.

At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we put forth our best effort to make the drug and alcohol admissions process as comfortable as possible. We offer a variety of programs that, when combined, can help residents work through their underlying issues and overcome their addiction. From our sub-acute detox program to residential treatment, and in our outpatient treatment and alumni programs, the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center offers a continuum of care.

We are considered one of the leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities in the United States. Our caring team of staff treats residents with the utmost dignity and respect.

Contact us via our form or by calling 1-844-9-ADDICT  for more information about the drug and alcohol admissions process.