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Drug Treatment Centers Fort Lauderdale

The drug and alcohol addiction epidemics sweeping the nation are claiming people from all walks of life. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we are personally vested in helping clients find sobriety with individualized addiction treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Our team is comprised of licensed professionals who intimately understand the challenges of addiction. In fact, many of our treatment professionals have worked towards sobriety themselves through our systems. If you are ready to find sobriety, or if you’re ready to help a loved one find a sober tomorrow, it starts by finding a facility which offers personalized addiction treatment. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we believe in you and your successful sobriety. We are committed to helping you recover.

With these and many other approaches to addiction treatment in Fort Lauderdale, our treatment professionals at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center are able to provide life changing care. We understand how difficult the journey to sobriety can be, but there is no reason you need to take this journey all alone. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, our professionals are here to help you change your story to one of sobriety.