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Alocohol Addiction? - We use a variety of methods, including the 12-step facilitation program, for recovering alcoholics CLICK or CALL (844) 923-3428 for help!
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Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol Rehab Center Florida


If you or someone close to you is struggling with alcohol addiction, please look into the treatment programs we offer at the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center. Alcoholism can get in the way of your relationships and so many other aspects of your life, yet most alcoholics refuse to treat their condition. Whether it’s out of fear or reluctance to make such a big commitment, we hope you’ll give us a try. Our alcohol rehabilitation program helps alcoholics overcome their uncertainty, guiding them through the recovery process at a luxury rehab facility.


Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous, and no alcoholic should overcome his or her addiction alone. Addicts should consult medical professionals to develop a detox plan, keeping in mind that they may need a rehabilitation program to stay sober. At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our treatment plans feature a sub-acute detox program under the close supervision of our staff, followed by residential addiction therapy, and then outpatient therapy and alumni events to promote long-term care.

Rehab for Alcohol

We use a variety of methods, including the 12-step facilitation program, for recovering alcoholics. This system encourages residents to commit to sobriety, relying on their family and friends – and our staff – for guidance and support. It is important that our residents to get to the bottom of their addiction by addressing any underlying issues that may have led to their alcoholic tendencies. Through a series of group and individualized therapy sessions, our counselors will help addicts live their lives without alcohol. Sobriety is a process and a challenge, but it is something that recovering alcoholics find very rewarding. The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center also offers a nutrition program to speed up the recovery process, and a family program for external support. When one person struggles with substance abuse, his or her addiction affects the entire family.


The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is considered one of the best drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the United States. Our location is fully licensed to treat drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Alcohol Rehab Ft Lauderdale

Alcoholism is a serious illness. Few addicts manage to recover alone, and alcohol detox can be fatal. However, with the right support in place, recovery is definitely an option. Our treatment center for addiction will help residents address the issues that led to their alcohol abuse.


If you or someone close to you is struggling with alcohol dependence, reach out to us. Let our trained staff guide you back to a life of sobriety. By enrolling in our alcohol rehabilitation program, we will help you overcome your addiction.


Contact us by calling  1-844-9-ADDICT for more information about our alcohol rehab in Ft Lauderdale.