How Alcohol Rehab in Fort Lauderdale Can Save Relationships

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Addiction takes a tremendous toll on relationships. Whether the relationship is between a parent and child, two spouses, siblings or friends, the damaging effects of abusing drugs or alcohol can be the same. In some cases, the damage done by addiction may be too severe to fix. In other cases, attending alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale can help.
Can Alcohol Rehab in Fort Lauderdale Undo the Damaging Effects on Relationships?
Recovery is the first step to answering that question. It’s important to realize that your relationships will not be the same as before your addiction. One of the essential elements of any relationship is trust. In alcohol rehab, this is one of the foundations of treatment.
Another way to repair damaged relationships comes in the form of ARC, which is a method for apologizing. Within this method there are three important pieces such as acknowledging the wrong deed, repairing the damage, and committing to not repeating the same mistake twice. Other trustworthy characteristics include being non-judgmental, being understanding, and offering serene patience.
As you work towards mending your relationships with your spouse, other family members, and friends, do not forget yourself. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we offer a variety of methods for recovering alcoholics, include the 12-step facilitation program. It encourages a commitment to sobriety, relying on family and friends for guidance and support. We know that few addicts can recover alone, that’s why we put so much emphasis on mending relationships through making amends and honesty.
We know that relationships are tested when loved ones are addicted to alcohol and drugs. That’s why we offer multi-family education groups as well as small consultation sessions. Throughout healing, we will mend not only the patient but also families and partners. Alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center can heal the physical body, the mind, and the heart. Call (877) 800-REHAB today.