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Stress and Alcohol Go Hand-in-Hand
Millions of Americans suffer from stressful lives. In America, the idea of success includes wearing ourselves thin and taking little time to recuperate. The buildup of stress can lead to outlets that are less than healthy, including excessive drinking. This is frequently the case among college students. The workload given to college students is sometimes extreme, and in return, they combat their stress with extreme unwinding behaviors.   
The 101 on Stress and Alcohol Rehab in Fort Lauderdale
According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 5 million Americans suffer from anxiety, and one in five of those individuals turn to drinking as an outlet. Back to the college student example, a study recorded by Penn State University showed that college students are eight times more likely to drink when their day is exceptionally stressful. 
Not to mention, stress produces a handful of damaging effects on the body. Alcohol also has terrible consequences on the body. The two mixed can lead to high blood sugar, high blood pressure, unbalanced hormones, depression, and even malnutrition. To better manage stress, activities such as yoga and meditation provide healthy outlets. They are more beneficial for the mind and the body. By finding alternative activities, individuals addicted to this substance can channel their stress into more productive and alleviating activities. Working out also tends to be a popular choice for former addicts. 
If someone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, call Florida Addiction and Recovery Center at (877) 800-REHAB or (954) 677-8787. We provide alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale including programs such as outpatient treatment, intensive treatment, family programs, and so much more. Dealing with stress isn’t easy for anybody, but using alcohol as an outlet is one of the unhealthiest options. If you’re ready to make a change, today is the perfect time to begin! Start your road to recovery and learn how to better manage your addiction and your stress.