Alcohol Treatment in Fort Lauderdale Can Turn Your Life Around

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Alcoholism has an impact on more than just the person who has a drinking problem. It can also damage relationships and hurt those close to you. Alcohol treatment in Fort Lauderdale provides addicts with a place to focus on their sobriety so you can turn your life around. The recovery process begins when the addict admits they need help and they’re willing to accept treatment. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center we provide alcohol treatment to help those battling alcoholism, and we’re ready to help you. Don’t wait to get the treatment you need. Begin your journey towards sobriety today at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center.
What programs can help those struggling with alcoholism?
At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center we offer many programs to help those struggling with alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease, and the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Nobody should have to try and get sober on their own, and at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center help is available. The programs we offer will help you get on the track to sobriety. These programs include:

Individual Treatment and Therapy
Group Therapy
12-step Program
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Nutrition Guidance
Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Sobriety is a challenge and getting treatment is the best way to attack your addiction. A strong support system, including family and friends, will help during your recovery, is important for each. With our group therapy program, you can also form relationships with the other patients who have been through common struggles, to help each other through the recovery process.
Alcohol treatment can help you achieve sobriety
Florida Addiction and Recovery Center can provide the treatment and care you need to achieve and maintain your sobriety. No addict should have to struggle alone, and it’s important to know that help is available. Our counselors and treatment professionals have helped many addicts turn their lives around and find sobriety. You can be next. Call Florida Addiction and Recovery Center today to get help.