Benefits of Sending Fathers to Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Statistically, men are twice as likely to suffer from alcohol abuse as women. Additionally, over six million children under the age of eighteen live in a household with an alcoholic parent. Fatherhood has many stresses and expectations that come with the roll. Unfortunately, many fathers turn to alcohol as a way of coping and dealing with their busy and demanding schedules. The idea of rehab can seem daunting, as it pulls loved ones away for extended periods of time. That’s where intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale can help.
Outpatient treatment gives fathers the ability to be with their spouses and children, while still benefiting from the life-changing qualities of rehab. There are many benefits in choosing an outpatient facility. Outpatient treatment is generally for those who realize that they have a problem early on. Outpatient attendees have the same types of courses, therapies, and training that inpatient residents have. The difference is that outpatient individuals have the freedom to go to work, go to school, or return to their families daily.
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At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, intensive outpatient treatment includes one-on-one therapy sessions, which happens once a week. Treatment can range in lengths, but every week the center invites participants to join in nine hours of group therapy. Each patient is different and has unique needs. For these reasons, every patient receives a specific plan that works with their schedules. Because of its use of neurofeedback and evidence-based therapies, the facility is considered the among the best of its kind.
If you’re a father looking for intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Addiction and Recovery Center may be what you need. Outpatient facilities understand the importance of being there for family and going to work every day. As a parent, it’s essential to get the help that you need so you can set a good example for your children. Don’t let the fear of rehab stop you from making the call. This Father’s Day, give your loved ones the gift of a new you. Call us today at 954 – 677 – 8787 to take an important first step.