Coping with Anxiety as a Sober Individual from Drug Treatment Centers

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Thousands of Americans deal with anxiety every year, and those numbers are only continuing to grow. The world is much more vast than it used to be, as are the limitless possibilities. All of these options and life choices are raising the levels of anxieties, especially in young people. As a way to cope, many are turning to drugs and alcohol as an outlet or an escape. First, let’s review anxiety. What is it? What are the signs? Stress can directly impact a person’s emotional state and physical health. When a person harbors a lot of anxiety, they’re actually deteriorating their well being. Anxiety, in summary, is distress or unease of the mind. It comes with worries, fear, and can even trigger flight responses. It shows itself in physical form by sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, accelerated heart rates, nausea, muscle tension, and tightness in the chest. As one may image, anxiety isn’t healthy, which is why substance abuse is a distraction many anxious people turn to. 
Ways to Deal with Anxiety from Drug Treatment Centers 
Mindfulness practices and meditation play a big part in helping anxious individuals to stay sober. Focusing on breathing techniques and being conscious of every thought or action can significantly decrease the sudden movement towards substances. It can help the anxious person stay calm, collected, and present. Another way to calm anxieties is to actively change perception and thought patterns. Sometimes, concerns are entirely irrational. Some stem from childhood fears or past traumas. However, changing the outlook on triggers can help rebuild their relationships with their anxieties. 
All rehab centers focus on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or CBT. The therapy is used to identify and challenge the anxious individual’s thought process. It helps patients to reframe their beliefs, and turn them into positive views and experiences instead. Last, but not least, healthy lifestyle choices are essential. Getting regular exercise can help reduce the number of anxiety attacks during the week and eating healthy helps restore energy in the body. Sleep and reducing caffeine is also helpful. 
At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we’re one of the top drug treatment centers in South Florida. We focus on dual-diagnosis disorders, which targets those who suffer from depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder in correlation with substance abuse. When you’re using alcohol and drugs as a way to cope with your worries, you’re only making matters worse. Instead, learn how to heal a healthier way. By participating in our group and individual therapies, you can learn how to transform your life for the better. Call 877-800-REHAB today to get started!