Crack Addiction


One of the most dangerous drugs people can abuse is crack cocaine. Made from cooking a combination of cocaine, water and baking soda, crack cocaine is highly addictive and dangerous, as users can start down the road to abuse and addiction after just one usage. Crack affects the chemical composition of the brain nearly instantly after it’s used, creating a powerful mental and physical need for the drug in almost all users. Users who abuse crack over a long period of time are doing themselves no favors in the long run, that’s why the team at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is here to help. 

Our safe and effective crack addiction treatment is designed to help people control their addiction and learn the skills and tools they need to remain sober in the future.

Included Side Effectes

These are just some of the negative side effects which come from using crack, there are plenty more. Crack addicts are not just throwing their health away, they’re also throwing away their change at happy and successful life. Here at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, our crack addiction treatment programs are designed to help people from all walks of life get sober. There’s always a chance to turn your life around once and for all when you ask for the right help from the right addiction treatment center. Call Florida Addiction and Recovery today and learn more about how you can stop using crack cocaine.

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Florida Crack Addiction Center

We use a variety of methods, including the 12-step facilitation program, for recovering alcoholics. This system encourages clients to commit to sobriety, relying on their family and friends – and our staff – for guidance and support. It is important that our clients get to the bottom of their addiction by addressing any underlying issues that may have led to their alcoholic tendencies. Through a series of group and individualized therapy sessions, our counselors will help addicts live their lives without alcohol. Sobriety is a process and a challenge, but it is something that recovering alcoholics find very rewarding. The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center also offers a nutrition program to speed up the recovery process, and a family program for external support. When one person struggles with substance abuse, his or her addiction affects the entire family.

The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is considered one of the best drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the United States. Our location is fully licensed to treat drug addiction, alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Crack Rehab

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Crack addiction can ruin someone’s life in a very short period of time. Crack acts as a stimulant, meaning users feel an immediate onset of energy and euphoria which only lasts for around 10 or 15 minutes. That means users are continually using the drug to maintain their high. While the effects are short lived, crack is very cheap compared to other drugs with a single hit costing as little as $10. That means people have the ability to continually buy the drug even with very little money.  Often called “rocks”, a single dosage of crack is enough to cause a litany of side effects beyond the intended euphoria.

You may be wondering what to pack for your stay at Florida Addiction & Recovery Center. For this purpose, our admissions staff has prepared an extensive list of what to bring. Personal items such as clothes, reading material, comfortable shoes and toiletries are all included on this list. You will need your insurance card and ID as well, in addition to any prescription medication you may be taking. Video games, televisions and DVDs are to be left at home. Similarly, drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia and weapons are strictly prohibited, as are apparel and CDs that reference drugs, alcohol or violence.

When patients arrive at our luxury treatment facility, they will be evaluated, and staff members will catalogue their belongings. This is to ensure that no illicit substances enter the facility, and that clients take their personal items home upon completion of the program.

Fear of the unknown is to be expected in most situations, and the same goes for treating addiction. It becomes much easier to commit to an addiction treatment program when you know what to expect in treatment. We are here to guide you through the process, and whenever possible, give you the information you need to come prepared.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs shouldn’t be intimidating. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, members of our staff are available around the clock to address your needs. Before your arrival, our admissions staff will discuss insurance and payment information with you. Then, our Certified Counselors will help you design a customized plan to address your recovery needs. Keep in mind that our staff is here to keep you comfortable and encourage you to work toward your recovery.

Navigating insurance coverage for drug and alcohol treatment programs is often a confusing and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, this is a major component of the addiction treatment process. Nonetheless, when addicts seek professional help, the last thing they want to do is spend hours on the phone with the insurance company. Our admissions staff will answer your questions to the best of their abilities.

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center accepts most PPO insurance plans, but the type of coverage that insurance companies provide varies from person to person. Some insurance companies will only cover providers in their network, while others may only be willing to pay for a brief stay at an addiction treatment center. Certain insurance providers reimburse members, and some require more work for the client to reap the benefits of his or her plan.

Our addiction specialists will answer your insurance questions to the best of their abilities. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we are here to help you determine which drug or alcohol treatment programs your insurance company will cover.