Do I Need Addiction Treatment to Get Sober?

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Trying to quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey can bring on serious and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. When someone is serious about getting sober, addiction treatment is the optimal and safest way to ensure a full recovery. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center we have helped many patients get sober with addiction treatment. Our treatment, consists of a variety of therapies, provides a safe way to get sober and work on their recovery. Through individual counseling, group therapy, and our family program you’ll not only focus on getting sober, but you’ll also learn how to maintain your sobriety.
What programs can help me?
There are many programs that can help someone who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. When you come to Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, you’ll undergo an initial assessment to help our professionals find the right treatment programs for you. Each addiction is unique, and there isn’t one program that can help every addict. The various programs we offer at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center include:
12-step Program
Life Skills Training
Relapse Prevention
Individual Counseling
Group Therapy
Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Addiction treatment includes programs that are all designed to help in a different aspect of recovery. With medical care and treatment from our professionals, you can see how sobriety is possible. You’ll be supervised to help manage any withdrawal symptoms or any other issues you’re dealing with while in treatment. The safety and quality care of our patients is a top priority for our team at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center.
Addiction treatment can lead you on the path to sobriety
If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, it’s never too late to seek treatment. The first step is knowing you have a problem and committing to getting help so you can overcome your addiction. You can learn a lot while in treatment, not only working to get sober but also how to stay sober long after you finish treatment. If you’re ready to get help with your addiction problem call Florida Addiction and Recovery Center today. We’re always ready to help anyone in need of addiction treatment.