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Why Drug Treatment Centers Put an Emphasis on Group Therapy Addiction is a deadly disease that millions of Americans face every day. Whether they’re using, just starting, or they’ve been sober for years, the fight for sobriety never subsides. It’s a lifelong battle that requires dedication, care, and support. Having a supportive group of individuals is what makes getting sober a bit easier. Nobody wants to feel alone, and that’s precisely why drug treatment centers put such an emphasis on group therapy. The Support Network in Drug Treatment Centers Many things can be learned by being a part of group therapy. First and foremost, it brings people facing similar struggles, together. Stories are shared, tales are told, and lessons are in the underlying tones of each individual’s experience. By listening to one another, addicts can know that they are not alone. They will also learn that there isn’t anything to be ashamed of and that it’s okay to talk about. In group therapy, counselors try to create a safe space where there isn’t any judgment, and where each individual has the right to be heard. By sharing such a vulnerable space with others, addicts are able to genuinely connect with other peers in their circle. Because addiction recovery is all about support, having a new network of encouraging friends can be the difference between overdosing and healing. Some people even end up staying friends for life with specific individuals within the group! From there on out, they have a buddy who not only understands their struggles but also understands their daily battles. If you’re currently going through addiction, you don’t have to do it alone. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we know that it can be a scary transition. We know that it’s not an easy mountain to climb. However, with our compassionate and caring team, we’ll be there every step of the way. We provide programs and treatment plans that are unique, personalized, and proven! If you’re ready to gain new insights, and a new support group, call us today at (844) 923-3428. Today is your day to see how drug treatment centers can change your life for the better.