How Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale are Doing Their Part for Mental Health Awareness Month

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Simultaneously experiencing mental illness and a substance abuse disorder is known as dual diagnosis. People with a mental health condition (either diagnosed or undiagnosed) may turn to drugs or alcohol as a form of self-medication to improve some of the mental health symptoms they experience. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale are helping people with dual diagnoses get help.
Understanding the Importance of Mental Health with Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale
While the statistics are mind-boggling, it doesn’t change the fact that so many individuals struggle with addiction and a mental health disorders every day. Dual diagnosis is often difficult to treat, as one must first figure out if the mental illness came after or before an individual’s addiction. Many studies show how linked psychological illness is to addiction and the permanent, long-term effects of substance abuse on the brain.
It’s crucial that people understand the importance of bringing awareness to mental health, as it is not only an issue for those who are addicted individuals, but for humans across the world. From personality disorders to depression, to anxiety, to bipolar disorders, the pairings are unlimited. However, through compassion and understanding, we can build a better future. Knowledge is the basis of all change, and through teaching, learning, and recognition, people across the world can have a better grasp of what living with a mental disorder means and how much of a toll it can take.
Florida Addiction and Recovery specializes in dual-diagnosis treatment, life coaching, and intensive therapy. For us, Mental Health Awareness Month is every month, and we dedicate every day to assisting others in finding a sober path and connecting with their best selves. If you have been diagnosed with dual-diagnosis and are searching for drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale, please come and see the experts at Florida Addiction and Recovery. We genuinely understand the trials you face each day and are here to help.