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POSTED BY FARC | Oct, 10, 2018 |
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Fighting the Stigma Around Drug Treatment Centers for Painkillers

Painkillers or opiates is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, regarding drug use. What makes these substances so harmful? What makes them so addictive? The interesting thing about painkillers is that they have infiltrated every demographic, from housewives to lower-income families, to the richest of the rich. Unfortunately, there’s not enough conversation around getting help for addiction to painkillers. In fact, many people don’t even realize that they have an addiction. In their minds, they’re just treating their pain. It does come to a point where it is, in fact, an addiction. The stigma of getting help, however, is prevalent. How do we combat the stigma in order for people to feel safe asking for assistance from drug treatment centers like Florida Addiction and Recovery Center? 

Education from Drug Treatment Centers is Key 

As mentioned, some people don’t even realize that they have an addiction. What may make them aware of this, is the education they are getting on this deadly disease. It’s important for young people, in all demographics, to know about the risks that painkillers and opiates come with. It’s also essential that they know how to combat peer-pressures or to ask for alternative medicines after surgeries.   

Through education, people are more aware of their long-lasting effects, of the reasons they’re so addictive in the first place, and how to spot a substance abuse issue within themselves or in someone else they know. It’s not easy to deal with addiction, and it’s not easy to get past the stigma of asking for help. A medical professional prescribes painkillers. Why do they need to ask for assistance for something that’s legal? Unfortunately, this is a significant issue in American society, but by spreading awareness, our addiction experts at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center are helping eradicate the stigma around the abuse of painkillers or opiates. 

If you or someone you love is addicted to opiates and need the assistance of drug treatment centers, don’t be afraid to ask. There’s no shame in healing your body, mind, and spirit. Drugs can take away all of the radiance out of life. You don’t have to suffer any longer or search for meaning in substances. Instead, make a choice to be a better person, find your passion, and live fully by calling Florida Addiction and Recovery Center. Our compassionate team can’t wait to help you be the best version of yourself. Partake in nutritional counseling, family programs, 12-step programs, co-occurring therapy, outpatient treatment, and so much more by calling (877) 800-REHAB or (954) 677-8787 today!