Drug Treatment Programs from Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale aren’t uncommon. In fact, Florida is home to a plethora of treatment centers, as it provides a wonderful place to recover, rebuild, and restart a sober life. However, when it’s a person’s first visit to a rehab center, the options can be overwhelming. No two rehab centers are the same as far as staff and programs go. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a treatment center that agrees with the addict, as addition recovery is a very personal process. Here are a few treatment programs you can expect to see at drug treatment centers in Florida.  
What Programs are Offered at Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale? 
Nutrition is a big part of drug treatment centers, as it provides patients with the chance to heal their bodies. The human body takes a toll after long or short-term drug and alcohol use. The brain, heart, and lungs are all targets, and can even sustain permanent damage. Drugs take away many of the proper nutrients found and absorbed by the body. Therefore, it’s crucial to replenish the supply and reintroduce a healthier diet and sense of living.   
12- Step Program  
The traditional 12-Step program is standard to any drug treatment center. The Alcoholics Anonymous founder designed the original 12-Step program in the 40s. The program walks patients through identifying triggers, addressing subconscious issues, and promoting healthier ways to deal with stress. Addicts for decades have sworn by the program, and it continues to be a leading staple in many centers around the globe.  
Family Program 
Addiction doesn’t solely affect the individual, but it also affects family. The stress of having an addicted family member can be overwhelming, and it can cause stress and even tear families apart. It can be difficult to see a family member struggling with addiction, which is why many centers provide their patients with a family program. The family program is supporting and informative, giving multi-family education groups, and small consulting sessions with one family member at a time.  
Variety Programs  
Other programs surround how the individual would like to set up their addiction therapy. Some people choose an intensive outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization day or night with community housing. Some facilities also provide patients with co-occurring disorder treatments. Not all drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale are set up to care for those with co-occurring disorders, but Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is. They bring unique programs to the table in order to help co-occurring patients heal their substance abuse and mental health disorders.  
If you’re struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to call Florida Addiction and Recovery Center today. They strive to bring a highly individualized approach to addiction therapy, and for you, they’re here to help. Call 954 – 677 – 8787 and make the decision to change your life around.