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Drug Rehab Family Programs Florida
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Family Program

Support for Families of Addicts

They say addiction is a family disease. When one family member struggles with a drug or alcohol addiction, everyone else suffers too. Family members often blame themselves for the problem, and they may feel ashamed or guilty when they contemplate the condition of their loved one. Similarly, the actions of the addict affect his or her friends and relatives, often to the extent where they would benefit from seeking help as well. It is for this reason that our addiction treatment center offers programs for families.


The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is considered one of the nation’s best drug and alcohol treatment facilities – not only for addicts, but for their families as well, right here in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.


Over time, families may change their dynamic to accommodate the addict and his or her behavior, and this dysfunction must be acknowledged before anyone can begin the healing process. Co-dependency is often associated with addiction as well, since some people begin to feed off the drama of living with an addict. They may crave the constant cycle of fighting and making up, losing confidence in themselves if they decide to send the addict away to an inpatient rehabilitation program.

Support for Families of Addicts

Families that seek help often serve as a major source of inspiration for the recovering addict. Our family addiction program offers support to relatives who are struggling to cope with addiction in the family. The goal of our family program is to reinforce how to maintain healthy relationships and go through the healing process together. Therapy not only mends the family, but it teaches relatives that the addict needs them, even if he or she has yet to recognize it. It is essential that family members realize that they didn’t cause the addiction, nor is it something they could ever cure on their own.


At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we understand the challenges that families of addicts go through. Consequently, our caring therapists offer support to the families of addicts, addressing the underlying causes of addiction and helping them come to terms with what they’re feeling. Whether the resident is in drug rehab, alcohol rehab or in treatment for co-occurring disorders, we will help our residents and their families encourage one another.

 The Florida Addiction & Recovery Treatment Programs

  • Multi-family education groups
  • Small consult sessions with one resident and one family member at a time

As the family starts to understand the implications of addiction, the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center will make a genuine effort to help restore balance to them, encouraging the entire family unit to commit to the healing process together.

Support Groups for Families of Addicts

Family members require their own support as well. The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center puts the relatives of addicts in touch with support groups, where they can learn from others who have gone through many of the same struggles.


Family plays an integral role in the recovery process, and with a support system of their own, family members can work together to help the addict commit to long-term recovery.

 Contact us via our form or by calling 1-844-9-ADDICT for more information about our family addiction program.