For The Family

Our staff is ready to help addicts embrace the process of long-term recovery. Once a person is ready to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, he or she is left with a number of choices. Not only do they have to select a facility that offers the right treatment programs, but our clients also must go through the time-consuming process of navigating their insurance and payment options.

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For The Family

At The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center

They have to determine what to pack for their stay in treatment, and they should know what to expect during treatment as well. In addition, many families want to know how they can support their relative by getting involved in the recovery process.

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center team knows how overwhelming treatment can be, and our excellent admissions staff is available to answer any questions and offer the information you need to book your stay at our facility. You and your family will learn about our treatment programs and what you can expect of our role in your recovery. We meet with families at the beginning of treatment and throughout the recovery process. Addiction, after all, affects the whole family. We know that when one member of the family struggles with substance abuse, everyone else suffers too.

We will give you all the information you need. When you contact our admissions staff, our personnel will go over our treatment programs, provide a list of what to bring to treatment and tell you what to expect at our addiction treatment center. Since we work with most insurance companies, we would be happy to discuss insurance and payment information as well. Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is a fully licensed, Joint Commission-accredited facility that offers treatment at all phases of recovery. Our trained professionals will remain by your side while you learn to embrace an addiction-free lifestyle.

For The Family

We encourage open communication and empathy

Our family program expedites our clients’ recovery. Florida Addiction & Recovery Center holds multi-family group sessions every Saturday, welcoming families into our facility to learn more about addiction, mend any broken relationships and support one another. We encourage open communication and empathy, both of which help address any underlying issues that may have contributed to the addiction.

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