Four Steps to Helping Your Addicted Teen: Drug Treatment Centers

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The magnitude of the current opioid epidemic is staggering. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 21 million American adults battled a substance use disorder in 2014. That includes about five percent of American adolescents, or 1.3 million teenagers. That includes addiction to opiates which range from heroin to oxycodone. These drugs are responsible for one in five deaths amongst young people. If your child suffers with addiction, drug treatment centers in Florida are a viable option to help them.
Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is among the top drug treatment centers in the U.S.
Here are four tips to helping an addicted teenager:
Listen Carefully
It may be challenging, but it’s important to listen to young people’s perspective. Chances are they’re scared, especially if they realize that their current trajectory is heading for a lifetime of pain and suffering. Even though parents may be upset, angry, and confused about where to turn, there’s nothing more meaningful to an addicted child than to be listened to and heard.
Recommending Drug Treatment Centers in Florida
When parents speak without doing their research, there’s a good chance the child will completely disregard their comments. Often, addicts assume that their situation is not understandable. However, if parents put in the time to research addiction and drug treatment facilities, the child may be more willing to pay attention.
Don’t Force the Topic
For teenagers, the more a person tells them to do something, the more rebellious they become. Though they’re addicted, it doesn’t mean they stopped being young. Forcing a child into having a conversation or into choosing an option right away rarely works, as nature shows us that anything that feels attacked may bite back, or hide.
Ask for Assistance from Someone in Recovery
Whether it’s from a person going through rehab or a person who has already been through treatment, having a voice present that understands the child’s journey can be helpful. Seeing is believing, and for many young people, once they see that drug addiction affects others, they may be more willing to seek help.
Florida Addiction and Recovery Center takes pride in being among the top drug treatment centers in the nation. If you’re a parent with a son who’s addicted to drugs, try to use these few tips to start a conversation. Opening up that door is never easy, but it’s important. The caring personnel at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center have years of experience giving clients the tools they need to sustain lifelong sobriety. Call 877-800-REHAB today if you are looking for an addiction recovery facility that uses proven techniques to guide clients on their journey to recovery.