Illicit Drug Addiction

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Illicit drugs are among the most addictive substances around. From the consequences of addiction to the safety risks of black-market distribution, illicit drugs are dangerous, and sometimes fatal. In the United States, illicit drugs have become more addictive than ever.

Physical dependence, including withdrawal symptoms and tolerance build-up, is one of the first signs of addiction. Withdrawal symptoms occur when users stop taking an illicit drug that their body has gotten used to, while tolerance increases when individuals require higher quantities of a drug to get the same high.

Psychological dependence is another major consequence of illicit drug use. Even if addicts want to stop using, they will almost always succumb to their addiction at the expense of their health and relationships. They may feel powerless as they struggle to overcome their drug habit.


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Illicit drugs are among the most addictive substances around.


These highly addictive drugs generate feelings of euphoria, which accounts...


Sleeping pills are classified as sedative-hypnotics, just like Xanax...


Known colloquially as “benzos,” benzodiazepines are also referred to...

Florida Illicit Drug Treatment

Illicit drug use is a major issue in the United States. Cocaine is a significant problem in New York, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama and Washington, D.C.. Similarly, marijuana has become more and more prominent in the states of Florida, Colorado, Louisiana, Washington, Hawaii, Texas, Indiana, among others.

Heroin addiction, in turn, has plagued many parts of New England. Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut boast frequent heroin citations, as do Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Methamphetamine is often cited in California, Missouri , Iowa, Nebraska and Nevada.

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Illicit Drug Rehab

As one of the most effective drug and alcohol centers in the southeastern United States, Florida Addiction & Recovery Center will help you or your loved one overcome their illicit drug addiction. Located near Miami, Florida, our trained professionals will guide you through the long-term recovery programs we offer at our luxury rehab facilities. We feature a 3-to-1 client-counselor ratio so that our staff can focus their full attention on helping clients go through an illicit drug treatment process. To optimize the effectiveness of our treatment programs, each resident will be assigned to the caseload of a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

Seeking help alone is nearly impossible for most addicts. Consequently, it is essential that family members and close friends help our clients move through an effective treatment program. If you or someone close to you is struggling with illicit drug addiction, contact the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center immediately. As one of the nation’s leading long-term treatment facilities, our therapies will address clients’ underlying issues and give them the tools they need to sustain their recovery.

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center helps addicts overcome their dependence on illicit drugs, alcohol and opiates, and other disorders as well.

You may be wondering what to pack for your stay at Florida Addiction & Recovery Center. For this purpose, our admissions staff has prepared an extensive list of what to bring. Personal items such as clothes, reading material, comfortable shoes and toiletries are all included on this list. You will need your insurance card and ID as well, in addition to any prescription medication you may be taking. Video games, televisions and DVDs are to be left at home. Similarly, drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia and weapons are strictly prohibited, as are apparel and CDs that reference drugs, alcohol or violence.

When patients arrive at our luxury treatment facility, they will be evaluated, and staff members will catalogue their belongings. This is to ensure that no illicit substances enter the facility, and that clients take their personal items home upon completion of the program.

Fear of the unknown is to be expected in most situations, and the same goes for treating addiction. It becomes much easier to commit to an addiction treatment program when you know what to expect in treatment. We are here to guide you through the process, and whenever possible, give you the information you need to come prepared.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs shouldn’t be intimidating. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, members of our staff are available around the clock to address your needs. Before your arrival, our admissions staff will discuss insurance and payment information with you. Then, our Certified Counselors will help you design a customized plan to address your recovery needs. Keep in mind that our staff is here to keep you comfortable and encourage you to work toward your recovery.

Navigating insurance coverage for drug and alcohol treatment programs is often a confusing and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, this is a major component of the addiction treatment process. Nonetheless, when addicts seek professional help, the last thing they want to do is spend hours on the phone with the insurance company. Our admissions staff will answer your questions to the best of their abilities.

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center accepts most PPO insurance plans, but the type of coverage that insurance companies provide varies from person to person. Some insurance companies will only cover providers in their network, while others may only be willing to pay for a brief stay at an addiction treatment center. Certain insurance providers reimburse members, and some require more work for the client to reap the benefits of his or her plan.

Our addiction specialists will answer your insurance questions to the best of their abilities. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we are here to help you determine which drug or alcohol treatment programs your insurance company will cover.