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Addiction Rehab Center Florida is a team of passionate individuals, #1 Drug Rehab inpatient Treatment in Florida .Click or call (844) 923-3428 for help!
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Inpatient Treatment


Inpatient Drug Rehab – 1-844-9-ADDICT

People suffer from different levels of addiction. The inpatient drug rehab program at the nationally recognized Florida Addiction & Recovery Center caters to residents who will benefit from a highly structured environment, with constant support and individualized attention.


Addicts who require close monitoring during treatment may lack support at home, or perhaps their addiction has gotten in the way of their responsibilities. Our inpatient addiction treatment programs give these patients the stability and safety they need to recover.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our inpatient substance abuse treatment program offers constant care for addicts who are no longer able to live independently. The residents of our inpatient rehabilitation program live in our high-end facility, where members of our staff accompany them on their journey to recovery. We feed our residents wholesome meals, put them up in comfortable rooms and offer daily therapy sessions to facilitate the recovery process. Our center features a combination of one-on-one and group therapy sessions to help addicts address the root of their struggles, giving them the tools they need to sustain lasting recovery.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Following detox, the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center enrolls patients in our inpatient drug rehab program. This program is designed to help clients transition from our sub-acute detox program to our residential rehab program, and to monitor them as they take additional steps toward recovery. To determine their needs and develop a custom-tailored plan for each patient, we complete thorough assessments of our residents. Then, once residents have transitioned to our inpatient drug rehabilitation program, our therapists will continue to monitor them, gauging their progress on a consistent basis. When they transition to outpatient therapy, we’ll continue to offer support as needed, but on a less frequent basis.


Florida Addiction & Recovery staff members accompany residents on their path to recovery, customizing every treatment plan to provide the best care possible. In order to minimize the risk of relapse upon completion of our program, we encourage residents to keep in touch with our staff, and with anyone else with whom they may have bonded during their stay at our treatment facility. Many of our alumni stay connected with one another as well, forming or joining the same support groups.

Inpatient Drug Rehab and Treatment

The inpatient drug rehab program at the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is designed to help addicts overcome their drug or alcohol dependence. Call us today at 1-844-9-ADDICT to discuss treatment options.