Why is Nutrition an Important Part of Alcohol Rehab in Fort Lauderdale?

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Substances can cause long-term damage, which is what makes nutrition such an essential aspect of alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale. In many ways, alcohol can take a physical toll on the body. Part of rehab is understanding how alcohol affects the body and how to implement a healthy and nutritious diet better. By adding in physical exercise, together can help repair the areas that have been neglected over time.  
How Does Alcohol Affect the Body? Alcohol Rehab in Fort Lauderdale 
Alcohol significantly impacts internal organs such as the liver and the heart. Over time, the damages sustained can lead to high blood sugar, unsettled metabolisms, or extra body weight. Alcohol also acts as a filler, as it is a carb. This can make drinkers gain weight, without absorbing or craving nutritious minerals and vitamins. Eventually, as time goes on, not eating healthy foods can lead to malnutrition. Alcohol also dehydrates the body and causes electrolyte imbalances.
During rehab, there will be a few courses on how to live a healthier life. By integrating a more fulfilling lifestyle, patients can become aware of what their bodies truly need. A healthy relationship with food is essential at the start of alcohol rehab so that patients can continue down the path of replenishment and repair. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we specialize in nutrition. We understand its importance in rehab facilities and how it’s very essence can transform the lives of addicts.
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