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Common Programs from Drug Treatment Centers 
If you’re considering looking into drug treatment centers, congratulations! It’s exciting and nerve-wracking to embark on a new personal journey. Addiction isn’t easy. In fact, it takes a lifetime to truly master the art of saying “no” and picking a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there are common courses at rehab that can give you the tools you need to be sober for the long run. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on providing these types of programs to our residents and outpatient patients. Our programs tie together the mind, body, and spirit, as addiction does a number on all of those areas.  
Family Programs from Drug Treatment Centers 
One of the common words you’ll hear in rehab is, “support.” Support is what we encourage as a community, and what we also help you find outside of rehab. Family is incredibly important, and more often than not, they make excellent listeners and supporters. Unfortunately, addiction can dwindle family ties and break the connection with intimate relationships. The goal of our family program is to help heal what has been broken. By helping family understand substance abuse, and by helping you feel safe with them, we hope that they will be a support group worth investing in.
Wellness Programs 
Another program we believe is highly beneficial is our wellness programs. Addiction doesn’t take it easy on the physical self. In fact, it’s one of the areas that suffers the most. Drugs can take away appetite, and it can deplete the body of necessary nutrients and minerals. It can also leave a person dehydrated and overall unhealthy. Our wellness programs strive to put more energy into your life through yoga, being outdoors and eating a balanced and nourishing diet.
Other programs we invest our time into are talk therapy, group therapies, and one-on-one therapies. The mind is often cluttered when they arrive at rehab, and drugs have a significant impact on the mind. It can be challenging to feel happy, safe, or even to feel a sense of purpose. At Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we want to heal all parts of you, so that you can get back to the beautiful things in your life. You have years to live, so why waste them? With our drug treatment centers, you can re-dedicate your life to healing, helping, and positively transforming. Call us today at (954) 677-8787.