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Alcohol is more than a simple drink. Alcohol is actually a form of poison for your body. While many people check into alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale to tend to the psychological effects, there is a significant disconnect on how it affects the body. Why is alcohol so addicting? It’s a socially acceptable act where individuals can access it almost anywhere. From sporting events to family dinners, there’s rarely an occasion that doesn’t include alcohol. Movies portray alcohol and bars as a place to mend broken hearts and emotional trauma. Unfortunately, this depiction gives users the idea that this is an appropriate response. In this article, we’ll look at how alcohol affects the body and how much damage it can truly do.  
Costs Outweigh the Benefits: Alcohol Rehab in Fort Lauderdale 
There are certain age limits where a glass of red wine can be beneficial. However, more often than not, alcohol is damaging more than it helps. Because alcohol is a carb, heavy drinkers rarely feel the need to eat. This can cause severe malnutrition, even if it’s not realized. The lack of substantive foods full of proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals can seriously deprive the body of its natural needs. 
Additionally, those who are addicted to alcohol are usually also addicted to caffeine and sugar. The reason being is that liquor produces energy highs. Those highs can be found simultaneously in coffee, deserts, and empty-calorie food. The junk foods consumed can be fillers for what the human system really needs. Other vitamins that alcohol takes away are folate, B1, B12, Vitamin A, Calcium, and so much more.  
If you’re addicted to alcohol, and you’re searching for alcohol rehab in Fort Lauderdale, contact Florida Addiction and Recovery Center today. We have a specialized nutrition course for all of our patients, as we know how important proper nutrients are to the body, life, and your overall sense of healing and happiness. Through health and wellness, we’ll help you rejuvenate your body and rebuild what alcohol has taken away. Call us today at 877-800-REHAB, and see how we can get you to be the best version of yourself yet.