Addiction | Referring Professionals
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Referring Professionals

Referring Professionals

The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center collaborates with other professionals to meet the needs of their clients. Our team encourages doctors, clergymen, counselors and other caregivers to reach out to us for help with patients who might benefit from our drug and alcohol treatment programs.


We offer residential addiction treatment programs for patients who prefer an environment of constant support. In order to make the sub-acute detox process as comfortable as possible, our personnel supervise and support residents as they begin their journey to recovery. In addition, we offer individualized addiction treatment services to our residents, which help them gradually transition from one phase of the recovery process to the next. Before they complete their residential treatment, residents are assessed and encouraged to take things slow.


The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center offers an outpatient program for residents who are more stable in their condition. This, in addition to our growing alumni program, encourages residents to fully commit to their recovery. In nearly all cases, we accommodate referrals to ensure that residents continue their long-term recovery plan after they leave our addiction treatment center.


Whenever possible, we encourage residents to stay connected to the professionals who referred them to us. In turn, the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center invites these professionals to stay involved in the assessment and planning stages of patients’ recovery, during our therapy programs and in the aftercare phase.


If you provide medical care and find that your patient needs additional treatment for an addiction, please contact us today. We look forward to helping your client make a full recovery.

Please contact us at 1-844-9-ADDICT to learn more about our referring professionals program.