Substance Abuse Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Substance Abuse Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Discover the serene shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center awaits to lead you on a journey of healing and hope. Nestled among palm trees swaying gently in the breeze and refreshed by the sea air, our facility offers a peaceful haven for those seeking freedom from addiction and a chance to reclaim their lives.

Understanding that everyone’s path to recovery is unique, our dedicated team creates personalized treatment plans tailored precisely to your needs and goals. Whether battling substance abuse, mental health issues, or trauma, we provide comprehensive care addressing the root causes of addiction while providing the tools and support for lasting progress.

Our holistic approach integrates evidence-based therapies with innovative techniques, ensuring a well-rounded treatment experience. From cognitive-behavioral therapy to yoga and mindfulness practices, we offer diverse interventions to nurture your well-being.

Beyond our walls, we foster a supportive community where individuals can connect, rebuild relationships, and find strength together. Through our alumni network, we offer ongoing support, empowering you to face life’s challenges with resilience.

Whether seeking freedom from addiction or embarking on a journey of self-discovery, the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is here to guide you toward a brighter future. Together, we’ll open the door to lasting transformation. Take the first step and reach out to us today.

What is the purpose of mat treatment?

At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the purpose of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is to help individuals overcome substance addiction by using medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies. MAT aims to reduce withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and the risk of relapse, ultimately supporting long-term recovery and improving the overall quality of life for patients.

When did medication-assisted treatment begin?

At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) began in the mid-20th century with the introduction of medications like methadone for treating opioid addiction. Since then, MAT has evolved with the development of new medications and therapeutic approaches to address various substance use disorders.

What are the 5 components of rehabilitation?

At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the five components of rehabilitation typically include:

Assessment and Evaluation: Comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s physical, psychological, and social needs to create a tailored treatment plan.

Detoxification: The process of safely managing withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision to rid the body of substances.

Therapeutic Interventions: Incorporating evidence-based therapies such as individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and holistic approaches to address addiction and underlying issues.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): Using medications in combination with counseling and therapy to manage cravings, and withdrawal symptoms, and facilitate recovery, especially in cases of opioid or alcohol addiction.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention: Providing ongoing support, resources, and strategies to maintain sobriety, prevent relapse, and promote long-term recovery success.

What is the process of rehabilitation?

At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the rehabilitation process encompasses several essential stages to support individuals on their journey to recovery. It begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand each individual’s unique needs, followed by a medically supervised detoxification process if required to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and eliminate substances from the body. Clients then engage in a variety of therapeutic interventions, including individual counseling, group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and holistic approaches, tailored to address their addiction and underlying issues. Depending on the specific substance use disorder, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) may be incorporated into the treatment plan to alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Finally, upon completing the program, clients receive ongoing aftercare and relapse prevention support to help maintain sobriety and achieve long-term recovery success.

What is a rehabilitation clinic?

At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, a rehabilitation clinic is a specialized facility that provides comprehensive treatment and support for individuals struggling with addiction. It offers various services, including assessment, detoxification, therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and aftercare, to help individuals achieve sobriety and long-term recovery from substance abuse.

Rehabilitation Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center serves as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Our facility offers a wide array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients with care and expertise.

At the core of our mission lies substance abuse treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where individuals receive personalized assistance crafted to suit their specific circumstances. From detoxification to ongoing therapy sessions, our evidence-based approach guides clients toward sobriety and long-term well-being. Moreover, we recognize the intrinsic link between mental health and addiction, providing specialized treatment to address co-occurring disorders and foster holistic healing.

Additionally, our dedication to comprehensive care extends to medically assisted treatment (MAT), granting individuals access to medications like methadone or buprenorphine to alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. By integrating medication with counseling and therapy, we empower clients to reclaim control over their lives and achieve enduring recovery.

Set within a tranquil and supportive environment, our center serves as a sanctuary where individuals can embark on their journey toward healing and transformation. At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, we are committed to guiding our clients toward a brighter future, liberated from the grip of addiction and mental illness.

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Substance Abuse Treatment


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How long can a mental hospital hold a person in Florida?

The Florida Addiction and Recovery Center, located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, adheres to state regulations regarding the duration individuals can be held in a mental hospital. In Florida, under the Baker Act, individuals can typically be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours for evaluation. Following this period, further treatment or release is determined based on individual needs and legal considerations.

What is an example of medication-assisted therapy?

At the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, an example of medication-assisted therapy includes the use of medications like methadone or buprenorphine to help individuals manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms during opioid addiction treatment. These medications are often combined with counseling and behavioral therapies to support long-term recovery.

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Does Florida have mental health facilities?

es, Florida has numerous mental health facilities offering a range of services including counseling, therapy, psychiatric treatment, and addiction recovery support. One notable facility is the Florida Addiction and Recovery Center located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, which provides comprehensive care for individuals struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

You may be wondering what to pack for your stay at Florida Addiction & Recovery Center. For this purpose, our admissions staff has prepared an extensive list of what to bring. Personal items such as clothes, reading material, comfortable shoes and toiletries are all included on this list. You will need your insurance card and ID as well, in addition to any prescription medication you may be taking. Video games, televisions and DVDs are to be left at home. Similarly, drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia and weapons are strictly prohibited, as are apparel and CDs that reference drugs, alcohol or violence.

When patients arrive at our luxury treatment facility, they will be evaluated, and staff members will catalogue their belongings. This is to ensure that no illicit substances enter the facility, and that clients take their personal items home upon completion of the program.

Fear of the unknown is to be expected in most situations, and the same goes for treating addiction. It becomes much easier to commit to an addiction treatment program when you know what to expect in treatment. We are here to guide you through the process, and whenever possible, give you the information you need to come prepared.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs shouldn’t be intimidating. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, members of our staff are available around the clock to address your needs. Before your arrival, our admissions staff will discuss insurance and payment information with you. Then, our Certified Counselors will help you design a customized plan to address your recovery needs. Keep in mind that our staff is here to keep you comfortable and encourage you to work toward your recovery.

Navigating insurance coverage for drug and alcohol treatment programs is often a confusing and time-consuming process. Unfortunately, this is a major component of the addiction treatment process. Nonetheless, when addicts seek professional help, the last thing they want to do is spend hours on the phone with the insurance company. Our admissions staff will answer your questions to the best of their abilities.

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center accepts most PPO insurance plans, but the type of coverage that insurance companies provide varies from person to person. Some insurance companies will only cover providers in their network, while others may only be willing to pay for a brief stay at an addiction treatment center. Certain insurance providers reimburse members, and some require more work for the client to reap the benefits of his or her plan.

Our addiction specialists will answer your insurance questions to the best of their abilities. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we are here to help you determine which drug or alcohol treatment programs your insurance company will cover.