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People want to know what to expect from a recovery program. Residential and outpatient treatment – and extended care – are all typical of most treatment facilities, and our location is no exception. The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center covers all aspects of care, helping our residents through every phase of the drug addiction treatment process.

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In order to make a full recovery, addicts must rid their bodies of the substance to which they are addicted. Drug and alcohol abuse poses major health risks, so addicts should only undergo treatment programs with the approval of qualified professionals. The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center offers supervised treatments with counselors on staff every hour of the day to extend their support and ensure the safety of our residents. At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, our drug rehab facility offers residential treatment in a private, domestic environment, easing residents into their treatment program in a way that will allow them to stay focused on their recovery. Our Certified Substance Abuse counselor caseloads offer 3-to-1 client-counselor ratios to maximize the treatment experience for our residents.
Our rehabilitation process teaches residents to embrace sobriety in their everyday lives. Through individual group and counseling, family counseling, substance abuse and disease concept education, stress management and life skills training programs, we offer all our residents the support they need to stay sober. We recommend outpatient treatment for addicts who have completed a residential program. The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center offers an outpatient treatment program that features a combination of individual and group counseling, chemical dependency education, 12-step support groups, life skills training, social reintegration sessions and relapse prevention seminars. In turn, our therapists work with residents to help them hone their awareness, communication skills and problem-solving abilities.
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