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Addiction Treatment Fort Lauderdale

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center offers customized outpatient treatment programs for participants to address their addiction in a structured manner. Our objective is that they commit to a life without drugs or alcohol.

Our facility is considered one of the best of its kind, featuring a wide range of treatment options to meet the recovery needs of each and every one of our clients. Among our most popular programs is the transitions program, which we offer for outpatients who require ongoing treatment to maintain their recovery. The transitions program involves daily or weekly meetings with staff and therapists, where the goal is for participants to learn to manage triggers and develop the coping skills they need to avoid relapse.

Because all our patients are different, some clients will spend the majority of their time in therapy, while others will only attend a few sessions each week. Some addicts attend weekly meetings while maintaining their job and family responsibilities. We base our care on clients’ addiction type and substance abuse history, determining the treatment options that will best meet their needs.

Our complimentary Treatment Assessment helps counselors determine the level of care that will best suit your needs.

Our outpatient program offers a combination of individualized and group therapy to help residents build a network of support. These sessions generally take place over 30 to 180 days, depending on the needs and progress of the individual. While enrolled in our outpatient therapy program, participants will receive an individualized session each week, in addition to the 9 hours of group therapy sessions they attend.

Our sober coaches are here to help you avoid relapse by treating co-occurring disorders such as gambling, sex addiction or eating disorders, or other mental illnesses.

We combine Neurofeedback with our other evidence-based therapies to give our patients the best care possible.  At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we take an individualized approach to recovery. Since all  clients are different, a treatment option that works for one person may not be as effective for another. While some of our clients require a structured environment and constant care, others may schedule outpatient therapy sessions around their full-time job. Our experienced team of staff treats clients with dignity and respect, guiding them through the recovery process.