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The 12-step program, designed in the 1940’s by Alcoholics Anonymous cofounder Bill W., is one of the most popular addiction recovery treatment methods in history. Addicts swear by this program, while addiction recovery experts claim that it has laid the foundation for many other treatment programs.

When a person first begins to experiment with drugs or alcohol, they usually believe they have found an effective way to cope with stress, disappointment or trauma. However, when they continue to self­-medicate, their mind and body become dependent on the substance. And that’s where the 12-step program comes into play.

The 12-step program helps clients identify their triggers, addressing any underlying issues that may have led to their addiction. This program, just like our addiction therapy, nutrition, and family programs encourages clients to manage their stress in healthy ways.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be lethal. Even after recovery, taking a single sip or hit may lead to complete relapse. Consequently, for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, sobriety requires dedication and complete abstinence from their substance of choice.

In order to achieve the best results, keep in touch with Florida Addiction & Recovery Center after you complete your treatment program. We offer a number of support groups to help our alumni avoid relapse. Support group members draw strength from one another, embracing a sober lifestyle together and taking solace in the fact that others have experienced similar challenges to theirs.

At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we offer the 12-step program for both our alcohol and drug recovery treatment options.

This program promotes a holistic approach to recovery; it also encourages others to get involved and expedite the healing process.