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When you complete your addiction treatment program at the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, you will have countless relapse prevention tools at your disposal.

Who says we can’t keep in touch after you leave us? The relationships clients develop at the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center don’t have to end upon completion of their addiction treatment program

Addiction Treatment Fort Lauderdale

You are more than welcome to attend the alumni meetings we hold each month, or to participate in our weekend family days. These events will make it easy to stay in touch with old friends, giving you the opportunity to forge new connections as well. If you choose to attend our alumni events, please connect with our staff and tell them how you’ve been. Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is considered one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the United States, and we want the very best for our alumni as well.
Our alumni program – including the alumni meetings – consists of a combination of social events and relapse prevention activities. We want nothing more than to support our former clients, letting them know how proud we are that they are living substance-free lives.

As a member of the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center alumni program, you will never find yourself without an extensive network of people who understand that living substance-free isn’t always easy.

Our alumni group puts on a number of social events to encourage former clients to have fun together in a sober environment. As part of our program, you will have the opportunity to get involved in the planning process of these community activities. We encourage you to volunteer with us as part of your own “postgraduate” personalized relapse prevention plan.

In times of crisis, feelings of fear and loneliness may trigger old behaviors. If you feel as though you have no one to talk to, we hope you’ll consider joining our relapse prevention program. The alumni meetings we put on at Florida Addiction & Recovery Center will give you a supportive group to turn to when you’re in need.