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During the recovery process, it is essential that addicts complete a thorough analysis of their lives. There are usually natural ways to manage triggers and cope with stress, and nutrition is one such tool. Our therapists rely on our addiction nutrition program to add balance to clients’ lives and promote their long-term recovery. Proper nutrition is an essential component of our overall well-being, which is precisely why Florida Addiction & Recovery Center incorporates diet into most of our treatment programs. Our goal is to help clients develop practices that shed light on the importance of health and wellness. Through healthy meal plans and nutrition classes, we enjoy watching our patients thrive on a balanced diet.

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When clients complete their addiction treatment program at Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, proper nutrition will remain an integral part of their lives. The right diet will help them manage triggers and cope with stress in healthy ways, as healthy foods and exercise will make them much less likely to relapse. Nutrition can expedite the recovery process, proving to our clients that addiction truly can be overcome.

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