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PHP Day/Night Treatment

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You may have heard of PHP or Day/Night treatment before, but do you know what it really entails? It’s not the same as a residential treatment program where clients are on-site 24 hours a day. Instead, PHP helps people overcome their struggles with drug or alcohol addiction at their own pace through one of our many treatment methods and therapies. The PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing offered here at Florida Addiction and Recovery Center is safe and effective for everyone. Our caring and dedicated addiction treatment staff can help anyone on their journey back to a better life, you just have to call now!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to addiction recovery is that everyone is different. We each have unique needs and that means not every treatment is going to be beneficial for everyone. PHP treatment is all about options. You are the most important aspect of your own recovery, so here at Florida Addiction and Recovery, we strive to give everyone the skills and tools they need to say no to drugs and alcohol outside of our facility. Getting sober isn’t a competition, but there can be a winner and a loser. Those who don’t take the right steps to get help from a PHP Day/Night treatment program are not putting themselves in a position to get better.

What’s the most important thing all of us have? Each other. Community housing is an incredibly beneficial aspect of the treatments and therapies offered by our team of professionals at Florida Addiction and Recovery. Does the team with the best player always win every game? No, because it often takes teamwork and a collaborative effort to achieve your goals. Community housing takes advantage of the idea of teamwork because it gets everyone working towards the same goal; winning at sobriety. Community housing offers a unique advantage in that everyone can grow and learn from the trials and tribulations of one another. The support system established by community housing can be a critical component in helping someone finally overcome their struggles with addiction and abuse. For more information about PHP Day/Night with Community Housing, get in touch with the team at Florida Addiction and Recovery today!

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