Treatment Therapies

Recovering from addiction is a lengthy process, and it often takes years of reprogramming the brain and body before you completely overcome your cravings.

The recovery process is even more difficult when substance abuse has been a central part of the patient’s life for an extensive period of time. It’s never too late to address the problem, though. Our program begins with a therapy, followed by outpatient therapy and ongoing counseling.

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Treatment Therapies

At The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center

While treatment programs vary from facility to facility, most involve a combination of individual and group counseling, as well as other activities that support the recovering addict. At this phase of the recovery process, patients are encouraged to relearn old skills and develop new ones.

Upon completion of the treatment program, clients have several treatment therapies available to them. Our priority is long-term recovery, which is why it’s so critical that clients continue seeking treatment after they leave us.

At the Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we use a variety of treatment methods – including the 12-step program – to help patients overcome their addiction.

Treatment Therapies

Fort Lauderdale Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction takes a toll on both addicts and their families. The best thing to do is to develop a program to accommodate the needs of every patient, which will help maximize their chance at long-term recovery..
Throughout the treatment process, addicts learn how to function without relying on drugs or alcohol. For this reason, we incorporate regular outings into our programs; giving clients the opportunity to practice the techniques they’ve learned in treatment to expedite their recovery.
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