Understanding the Basics of a 12-Step Program from Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale

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When you’re new to drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale, you may not understand what the importance is of the 12-step programs many of them offer. In summary, the program is a set of principles that help those dealing with substance abuse, whether that be alcohol or drug driven. Its origination stems back to 1939 when Alcoholics Anonymous came out with its 12-step program. Now, this set of principles is found in recovery centers across the nation, helping many understand how to better face and deal with addiction.  
Breaking Down the 12-Steps from Drug Treatment Centers in Fort Lauderdale  

Admit Powerlessness – the admittance the substances have taken over your life 
Find Hope – Believing in something greater than yourself to assist.
Surrender – Make a decision to let go and let God, in whatever form you see him as 
Take Inventory – Take moral note of how you see yourself or feel about your situation.
Share Inventory – Admit to God, to others, and to yourself of your findings 
Become Ready – Being entirely ready to let go and transform, removing the defects of character 
Ask God – Ask for assistance from God to help you transform.
List Amends – List those who you have wronged.
Make Amends – Make amends to those individuals, unless it hurts them.
Continue Inventory  – Continue to self-assess and admit when you are wrong.
Pray and Meditate – Pray and meditate to stay conscious and connect with God to give you the strength to remain clean and focused.
Help Others – Carry the things you’ve learned to others to help transform the world and rid it of as much addiction as possible.

At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, we’re one of those drug treatment centers in Fort Lauderdale who uses the 12-Step Program. We believe that these steps are foundational for any individual going through addiction. If you’re suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, contact us today at 877-800-REHAB and start your new life. With the help of caring, knowledgeable, and professional staff members, you can rewrite a future you and the ones you love can be proud of.