What to Expect

Fear of the unknown is to be expected in most situations, and the same goes for treating addiction. It becomes much easier to commit to an addiction treatment program when you know what to expect in treatment. We are here to guide you through the process, and whenever possible, give you the information you need to come prepared.
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What to Expect

At The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol treatment programs shouldn’t be intimidating. At Florida Addiction & Recovery Center, members of our staff are available around the clock to address your needs.

Before your arrival, our admissions staff will discuss insurance and payment information with you. Then, our Certified Counselors will help you design a customized plan to address your recovery needs. Keep in mind that our staff is here to keep you comfortable and encourage you to work toward your recovery.

Patients attend therapy sessions to learn how to live happily without their substance of choice. Clients should expect to attend four group therapy sessions per day, and two to three individual counseling sessions each week.

For patients with family close by, we offer family sessions where relatives can learn how to mend their relationships and support one another.

What to Expect

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The Florida Addiction & Recovery Center administers regular drug tests to monitor patients’ sobriety. We also plan a number of excursions for our clients, giving them the opportunity to socialize in a substance-free environment away from the facility. Upon completion of outpatient treatment programs, we invite clients to join our alumni program. This long-term program offers a network of ongoing support to help prevent relapse.

Florida Addiction & Recovery Center is one of the nation’s leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. We take an individualized approach to treatment, using an array of methods to address the needs of our clients.

When they seek treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, people often have a number of questions. Our treatment specialists can help you prepare for your program by giving you more information on our facility.

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