Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Deciding to go for rehab is a big moment, and with that decision comes debating whether or not to choose intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Intensive outpatient programs are an excellent alternative to residential programs, as they offer more freedom and flexibility. We know that many people are unable to leave their family or job for an extended period of time, which is what makes outpatient treatment an attractive option. Because of these two qualities, outpatient options are recommended for light-risk patients, which could entail patients that haven’t been addicts for very long or patients that may have an easier time quitting. Florida Addiction and Recovery Center offers intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale, so if you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, it’s time to contact our team and see how we can help.  
Do More with Less: Intensive Outpatient Treatment in Fort Lauderdale  
In many ways, outpatient therapy is a way to do more with less. The use of the word “less” in this situation, pertains to time. Outpatient programs give patients more time to spend in other important areas of their lives, including with family and at work. Specifically, addicts with young children or a significant other may not want to leave them behind for weeks or even months. Instead, with outpatient programs, they can return home to their loved-ones and immediately integrate their new lessons and practices into daily life. 
Additionally, because outpatient rehab doesn’t entail housing, the program is usually cheaper. For those who are tight on a budget, outpatient therapy may be a better option. A person can spend less than inpatient rehab, while still receiving the help they need. Outpatient treatment also provides patients with a more private recovery pathway. Neighbors may wonder where their next-door friendly face has gone, but outpatient ensures that there will be no questions as to why one was gone for weeks or months.  
Staying in school and keeping jobs is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of intensive outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Florida Addiction and Recovery Center provides their patients with this incredible option, as they know that many South Florida residents have lives to tend to outside of rehab. We strive to reach all of our patient’s individualized needs and provide daily or weekly meetings with therapists. If you’re thinking about taking the next step towards sobriety, Florida Addiction and Recovery Center gives a complimentary treatment assessment to help counselors know which plan of action is the best for you. For top one-on-one sessions, individualized care, and Neurofeedback, why choose anywhere else? Call 954 – 677 – 8787 today and start a new chapter of your next journey.